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You are welcome to Manaconnect online Store, the first e-commerce website in Nigeria.

At Manaconnect, we make the best products and services available at the best prices. If you find any better deal on any product/service listed on this site, please contact us and we will beat it.

Manaconnect products and services are quoted at two prices. The first set of prices apply to guest shopping while the second price, (usually lower) are for Registered Members of Manaconnect Warehouse Club (MWC). In both cases, we give the best deals.
The whole concept of MWC is to create means for shoppers to earn multiple streams of passive income.

MWC Loyalty Scheme
MWC loyalty scheme is the best in the industry as it seeks to empower shoppers economically while shopping. It is a multi-level income earning opportunities considered simply irresistible. To become benefit from this amazing packaging, you must be a member. To register as a member……. Read more

We started operations in March 2010 with Mana brand of cosmetics and today we have numerous products and services on this platform. This is an attestation of our consistency, integrity and focus.

Kindly check our FAQ page for more information about Manaconnect.
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